Monday 12 March 2012

Active Controllerism

So I've been winning a few free tickets lately to gigs at The Hi-Fi Bar in Melbourne and it's mostly been great, however, watching two old men chatting to each other while their Macbooks playback is a bit boring (I mean you, Bomb The Bass and The Orb) so I thought I'd post this clip from another Hi-Fi gig I attended showing how not to be boring while using a Macbook and a controller.

The band is Underoath (yes, I know, "Christian metalcore" but the tickets were free and the night was great). Keep watching for his near aneurism toward the end.

Active Controllerism:

Another band on the same night was The Smoking Hearts, a bunch of affable lads from England. Here's my tribute to the bass players' hair:

Calvin's Hair:

And just for context here's a full song by The Smoking Hearts from the same night:

(Sorry about the sound but my little camera did it's best)

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